Friday, January 24, 2014

 Finally home, April has to lean on Carly for support. April feels that warm body, the perfume on Carly's neck, she can't resist any longer and reaches up and fondles her baby sisters breasts. Carly leans over kissing April's forehead while she feels April's hand gently rubbing her tits. April's fingers begin to play with and pinch her hard nipples through her sweater. Why is she enjoying this so much? This is wrong! The pain in her crotch is still there, yet her body is on fire. She can't think straight anymore. Things have turned into a blur.
 " You remember telling me if I wanted something for my birthday, anything, that all I have to do is ask?" Moaned April.
 " Yes of course, What can I get you sweetie?" asked Carly.....

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